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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Can Play Piano: I Look Forward To Be Able To Say IT

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Have you encounter people that tell you: " My wife and I plan one day to have a piano in our home that the whole family can enjoy. Perhaps our children can learn to play also.... I will practice and practice until I become good at it. If I can't practice in the morning then I will do it when I come home at night after work, and on weekends I can play the piano for hours on end."

I do not think you had that experienced too often, maybe never, but my guess is that there are many of you that have friends in other parts of the country or less fortunate countries where they know of people in this situation.

The point I am trying to make is that there are people out there that can not wait the moment in which they can have access to a piano or another 'proper' like instrument where they can practice and practice, because it is a joy and a dream for them.

On the other hand, I ask myself if there are many people that buy pianos, very expensive pianos just for show, to be used just as furniture display items, that gather dust in a corner of a mansion, while in a different neighborhood we have somebody that would love to get his/her hands on it for just few minutes. How can we develop this same feeling of love for an instrument? I believe some ways would be:

1) By being aware that an instrument, expensive or not needs to be used and care for. 2) By seeking out like-minded individuals with whom you can learn how to play this beautiful instrument.

It should be a rewarding experience to meet a bunch of different people with access to a piano, and you can go to it and improvise and laugh with your friends about the funky noises that you make and start to take some shape. For sure that would be therapeutic, playing in groups, not only the piano, but also music games, piano learning video games and the like.

Another option would be to take your own I Can Play Piano Camp instruction somewhere that is available in your city or at your own home. You can even take advantage of it while on vacation. Take a few moments and head for the entertainment room at the hotel, restaurant, conference area where you can find a free piano and play by ear whatever tune you desire.

You will see how music inspiration thoughts come to mind. Remember, your audience either does not know much as you do now, or has gone through the same challenges that you are experiencing and they will be happy for your accomplishments.

My best wishes to you in your new musical adventure. I know it will be rewarding and fun. Awake those hidden talents!

Jesse Fisher enjoys writing about interesting new developments in the music instruction world. To learn more about milestones in educational music products, visit PianoWizard's I Can Play Piano informational page.

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