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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Piano Bears Can Teach Kids about Lessons

Simple Step By Step Piano Lesson. If You Cant Learn Piano From These Lessons Then You Cant Learn Piano Anymore


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Did you know that animals can help children learn? It's true. By giving human characteristics to animals, anthropomorphic literature and learning aids create an adventure to help children explore new ideas and develop new skills. This is no less true when it come to helping kids learn piano. Creative piano education resources give meaningful context to learning with literary aids that delight, inspire and inform. Here?s a story example using two characters from Piano Adventure Bears Music Education Resources.

Beary Ann is a young girl bear who likes to dress nicely, with a ribbon in her hair and socks that match her shoes. She loves music and is learning to play the piano, but one day at her lesson she started to worry. While starring down at her shoes, she tells her teacher,

"I'm having soooooo much trouble remembering the line notes of the bass staff! How will I ever learn my new song in G Position?" Her teacher, Mrs. Treble Beary suggests a fun sentence to help Beary Ann remember.

"I'm sure you can remember this sentence to help you read the notes, said Mrs. Treble beary, Great Bears Do Find Answers."

Beary Ann looked up at Mrs. Treble Beary with a smile on her face, "That's not too difficult. I think I can remember that, but how will it help me learn to read the notes?"

"Well, the first letter of each word names the line notes of the Bass Staff." Mrs. Treble Beary pointed to each line on the bass staff beginning with the bottom line and said, "G, B, D, F, A - Great Bears Do Find Answers."

"Oh, I see, said Beary Ann, you invented a sentence to help you remember the line notes."

"Yes. You can make up your own sentence, if you like, Beary Ann," said Mrs. Treble Beary.

"I can?"

"Sure you can."

Beary Ann thought for a while...and then said excitedly, "GBDFA - Gorgeous Bears Do Find Accessories!"

"Very creative," replied Mrs. T., chuckling. "You're good at this!"

Beary Ann went on to read the lines of the bass staff and learn her new songs in G Position. She made up a sentence for the space notes as well - ACEG, All Chocolate Eats Good. At her piano recital Beary Ann wore a matching outfit and played, "Ode to Bears" and "Elise's Fur," by her most favorite composer in the whole world, Beartoven.

See how stories and make piano lessons more fun and inspire children to feel more confident about learning. It's hard to believe that a simple thing like a little story, can help students change perspective, overcome worries, and set goals. But it's true. Simple things (and bears) can make a big diffrence in a child's future.

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