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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Game Software Makes Learning Piano Fun

Simple Step By Step Piano Lesson. If You Cant Learn Piano From These Lessons Then You Cant Learn Piano Anymore


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You may have heard of ?Dance Dance Revolution,? the arcade game phenomenon that got all the teenagers dancing and exercising like crazy, or Guitar Hero, the PS2 hit that has kids cranking out their favorite songs on toy guitars. Dust off your keyboards, because the movement is being taken to the next level with Piano Wizard, software that makes learning to play piano into a fun game.

Piano lessons no longer equal tears and pouting with new piano software. This new piano game is so sleek, colorful, and fun, that kids think they are playing an online video game. We won?t tell them the truth, which is that they?re learning the finger positions and piano basics that lead them to read music and eventually play piano.

As old-fashioned piano lessons usually go, a teacher forces boring, tedious notation to memory before a child ever experiences the joy of actually creating recognizable sound with a piano. With this piano game?s many levels and custom options, however, any player can gain a feeling of immediate confidence by playing a favorite song on a real keyboard. This incredible piano software takes us from hitting colored keys corresponding to floating on-screen characters of our choice all the way to reading black and white musical scores.

The piano game is versatile: kid-friendly, with vibrant colors and animation plus a fun funkiness that adults love. It is extremely easy to navigate and manipulate to each player?s speed, sound, or level preferences. Using a real piano keyboard instead of a mouse sets this game apart from others, providing valuably applicable and translatable lessons for all learners. Any song available in a MIDI format, meaning thousands available for free download on the internet, is perfect for the program, giving us thousands of choices of almost any popular tune to tackle.

So, the software is fun and exciting, but does it work? Yes! Watching my child progress rapidly over the past two months is personal proof that this piano game gives the gift of piano basics to anyone who chooses to pursue it.

Finally, this new piano game has made a reality of what we should have thought of years ago-- learn to play piano using songs we actually like and desire to know, letting note memorization and finger placement come as a natural result. Be your own teacher; be your child?s teacher, just don?t be surprised when you order a second piano video game to avoid begging your children to play theirs.

Bethany is a mom of son Evan who writes as a hobby. She also likes to cook and take dance classes.

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