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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learn Piano Rapidly With The Chord Based Approach

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Have you always wanted to play the piano for fun but can?t seem to get started?

Most people have the desire to be able to play piano but don?t know which approach to take. There are in general two approaches to learning the piano: the traditional method and the chord based approach. One approach may be a better fit for you, but if you want to start having fun right away, the chord based approach is the way to go. Here are some benefits of the chord based approach to learning the piano.

1. The chord based approach allows you to have fun from day one! The traditional method focuses heavily on sight reading. You?re required to practice scales and sight reading music of the masters such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. It takes some time before you can be able to sound half way decent. The chord based approach to piano learning is all about learning chords. Yes, you will still learn to read music, but it?s very minimal. After learning a few chords and some practice, you?ll be able to play songs right away. You?ll be able to play pop songs, gospel, show tunes, jazz, etc, basically anything except classical music.

2. It?s much inexpensive to learn the chord based approach. Compared to the classical method, the chord based approach is cheap. You might have to spend anywhere from $45-$65 for a one-hour lesson with the traditional approach. Depending on your motivation and how fast you learn, it might take weeks, months, or even years before you get good. With the chord based approach all it takes is learning some chords and you?re off to go. You can even teach yourself how to play piano the chord style approach for cheap. There are many self study courses available that you can find on the internet for a fraction of what you?d have to pay for with the traditional approach.

3. The chord based approach allows you to unravel the mystery of music. Classical pianists might be able to play Chopin Etudes at lightning speed, but they have no idea if what they?re playing is a Cm9 or FMaj13. Chord-based piano players, however, are always conscious of what they?re playing. Thus, they?re more proactive to music. With the chord based approach you learn a few rules on how chord construction and once you know the rules you can pretty much figure out on your own. Think of it as learning how to fish as opposed to having a fish caught for you. Big difference.

There?s nothing wrong with learning the classical method. If your goal is to become a classical pianist, by all means choose a great local teacher to learn from. However, if all you want is to have fun learning the piano in the shortest time possible, then the chord style approach might be a better choice for you. You can always go back and add classical music to your repertoire later on, if you wish.

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