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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Teach Yourself How To Play Piano Despite Years Of Lessons

Simple Step By Step Piano Lesson. If You Cant Learn Piano From These Lessons Then You Cant Learn Piano Anymore


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So, you've taken piano lessons for years but you still can't play on your own.

You probably know the scales and can read off music sheets, but you can't just sit down at the piano and make music.

Don't worry. It's not your fault. You see, literally thousands of people are just like you. They've taken piano lessons for years and while they can play a piece by Bach or Beethoven, they can't for the life of them figure out how to create something original. Something that is not written by a dead composer or that isn't on music sheets.

Here's the solution? Learn a chord-based approach to playing piano!

What's that you ask? Simple. A chord-based approach allows you to think and play like the composers you can play so well off of sheet music. Chords and the Key they come from determine the sound of music.

You may think this approach takes a while to learn. Nope. Not at all. In fact, in my free lesson Reflections in Water, you learn how to play 4 chords right away - and you get to make your own music with them as well. In this lesson, you learn how to use open position chords in the Key of C major along with broken chord technique to create a calm, reflective mood! And best of all - you can do it now? right away - without having any piano playing experience whatsoever!

How is this accomplished? Through the use of chords and the scale in the Key of C major. You first learn the chords and the C major scale (which you probably already know) and begin to improvise with them. There are 2 audio tracks to this lesson that lets you hear exactly how it's done. Exciting? You bet. Difficult? Not at all. In fact, this may be the easiest, most fun lesson you'll ever get to play online!

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www.quiescencemusic.com/piano_lessons.html for a FREE piano lesson!

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