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Friday, January 4, 2008

Want To Know How To Play A Piano First Decide What Kind Of Piano You Need

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If you've decided that it is time for you buy a piano then you should start looking for what kind of piano you want to buy. Do you want something that will be smaller or something that will be something that can make a statement To start with it might be easier to know what kind of pianos you can buy.

You can start with an upright piano. These will help you save room.

 Spinet: this is a piano that is 36 to 38 inches tall and 58 inches wide. Because of its size most people pick this kind of piano because it can fit into limited space.

 Console: slightly larger then the Spinet. You'll be able to find this type in different styles and colors.

 Studio: This is the kind of piano that you see in music school. Because of it's larger size it will be durable and have a very good sound quality.

 Upright: this is the tallest amount the vertical pianos. This might be the kind of piano you're grandparents might have used.

The next type of pianos is horizontal pianos.

 Petite Grand: this is the smallest of the horizontal pianos. It is small, but very powerful.

 Baby Grand: this is a very popular piano to buy. This piano can be from four feet to five feet.

 Medium Grand: larger then the baby grand.

 Parlor Grand: this type of piano range in size from five feet to six feet. You'll have to make sure you have room for a piano this size.

 Semi-concert or Ballroom: the next size up from a Parlor Grand. This one is around 7 feet long.

All the pianos might be the right one for you to start playing. But you should make sure that you find the right piano for you. Besides looking at the type of pianos you should make sure that they have the right price. Researching what kind price range might help in deciding also.

It might be worth it to spend a little extra money to get a better piano. You can also make sure that you have the enough room to show off you're new piano. Most of all pick a piano that you know you'll play and have fun playing it.

Victor C. is an Engineer in Computer Systems who loves to read and write about any subject, as long as it's interesting and useful for the reader.

Besides his love for computers, he loves to play piano, guitar and sing at his curche's chorus.

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