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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Play it again and play it right - a piano does not just have to stay in tune

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Melbourne Pianos will sound different to Sydney Pianos. It can be the same manufacturer and exactly the same right down to the smallest detail, but because of environment, atmospherics, altitude and humidity, the same Piano will sound totally different.

This is perhaps overkill, many piano players play because they enjoy what a piano brings - entertainment, and it is really only at the high level of concert pianists who are concerned over the difference in sound between venues, however the reason for this article is not how a piano sounds, but rather if a piano is right for you?

The joy of playing is also the joy of playing a piano that fits you and your expectations. For many years I have been placing people with pianos, and yes, I have matched concert pianos to concert pianists and good friendships have flourished. David Helfgott is a good friend who I've known since before he was famous. He and I both in obscurity and look at him now!

If you are looking to buy a piano, you are looking at an investment and something that should bring joy to you and your family. Pianos are affordable and the range, styles and sounds available are varied, like I said, if you're a perfectionist; what sounds good in Sydney may not sound so great in Melbourne (although the Piano can be retuned).

The best way to buy a piano is to sit and try it before you commit your self. By going to see a range of pianos you'll get a good idea as to what will work for you, try and find a large showroom with a great selection - I have customers come from interstate my showroom! and you can see what I mean by a selection, have a look at my website on http://www.pianoworld.com.au/

You'll also find the advice of a professional piano retailer invaluable. I've been selling pianos for years and I have seen many of my customers return as they continue to trade up to the next level piano, this takes years to achieve, so your piano retailer should take the time to get to know you and what will fit your style.

Brought to you by Hans Heshusius.

J.Victor Essling has written this for Hans Heshusius who has owned and run Austral Piano World for the last 20 years and can be found at 245-247 Lower Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Telephone 03 9497 2616 http://www.pianoworld.com.au/

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