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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being Piano Man - Tips for Teaching Yourself to Play Piano Easily

Simple Step By Step Piano Lesson. If You Cant Learn Piano From These Lessons Then You Cant Learn Piano Anymore


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The piano is an exquisite musical instrument that may be a bit intimidating to learn but is worth every sweat, time and money you'll spend. If you want to teach yourself to play piano easily and fast, start now. The earlier you begin, the better you'll be and the earlier you'll be able to play a favorite piece. Here's how you can start:

Decide on your piano playing.

If you want to teach yourself to play piano easily, you need to decide what kind of piano player you want to be. If you want to be a concert pianist playing Mozart or Tchaikovsky, you will have to learn how to read notes and somewhere down the line, probably take formal lessons, if only for the technique. But if you only want to learn the piano so you can accompany a singer or compose your own song, you can start with chords, which is arguably the easier way to start playing.

There are also different styles of piano playing you might want to concentrate on ? classical, jazz, blues, new age, etc. You can learn one or several of these styles in the future once you're familiar with the instrument itself.

Have access to a piano.

To teach yourself to play piano easily you need access to a piano. A piano is a bit expensive, but you don?t have to buy one to be able to teach yourself to play piano easily. There are many sources you can tap for free ? local clubs, schools, churches, even friends and neighbors who might be willing to let you use their piano.

If you're a little shy and want to practice at home, get a portable electronic keyboard to learn to play piano easily. There are some very inexpensive ones that work as well as a Korg or a Roland. These keyboards even allow you to plug a headphone so no one else hears your playing. Just buy one with full-sized keys because the really cheap ones can have smaller-sized keys. If your fingers get used to smaller keys, you might have some trouble adjusting if you begin playing a full-sized piano in the future.

Get your lesson.

A piano lesson is never far away. There are numerous books, CDs and online lessons you can tap to help you to teach yourself to play piano easily. There are some videos and audio instructional sources you can use.

You can get free or paid lessons easily and can even access some of the most popular music to learn. Because we all learn differently, it's important that you find the lesson that you feel most comfortable with to teach yourself to play piano easily.

Have a back up.

There are times when you might get stumped on a lesson simply because you don?t get it or are not using the right technique. If this happens, find a different resource you can use for reference to teach yourself to play piano easily such as a different website, book or video or just simply ask someone if you're playing the piano correctly.


Nobody learned to play the piano practicing only when they felt like it. Even the virtuosos played the piano as often as they can. Playing this instrument requires teaching your hand and mind to remember motions and learn to associate notes with the black and white keys on the piano. Practice for at least half an hour everyday or about 4 to 5 days a week is one way to teach yourself to play piano easily.

Learning to play the piano doesn?t mean you have to be born with talent nor do you have to be as young as your niece or grandchild. Anyone who has normal mental and physical abilities can teach himself to learn to play piano easily and succeed. Piano playing is as much a learned skill as it is a talent. If you can teach yourself the skill, you're halfway there.

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